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Do you have your Ed Hardy motorcycle gear yet? The Ed Hardy brand is on fire and has been a powerful force in the clothing industry for many years. Ed Hardy designs and fashions appeal to all ages, and men and women alike, due to the colorful and stylish designs created by famous tattoo artists and designers. Ed Hardy designs are hip and hot and everyone is wearing something stylish by this trendy artist.

The newest motorcycle gear offerings from Ed Hardy are in keeping with the brilliant colors and radical designs of their famous clothing lines. They offer leather jackets, helmets and lots of other gear so you can ride in style and safety. Quality is never an issue with anything done by Ed Hardy.

The Ed Hardy brand is famous for cutting edge subject matter and also for their colorful designs. This trend continues on in their line of motorcycle clothing  and accessories. Trend setting is nothing new for the people at Ed Hardy, and when you see their line of motorcycle gear you will not be disappointed.

The same fascinating and intense designs that have attracted millions of people to the Ed Hardy clothing line are also evident in the Ed Hardy motorcycle gear offerings. Edgy and daring, there's no way to mistake the signature bold colors and attractive scenes.

Don Ed Hardy started out with a degree in printmaking, but had an interest in tattooing and studied under a famous tattoo artist in Japan. Ed Hardy  successfully brought his love for tattooing and art together to create colorful and fascinating designs that are admired and loved by many people. Now retired from tattooing, Don Ed Hardy now mentors other artists and develops fashions for everyone to enjoy. His strategic partnerships have created an artistic enterprise that is constantly gaining momentum.

Ed Hardy designs are hot and trendy no matter where you live. His brand is recognized internationally as a symbol of quality and style that is at the top of the fashion industry. As the people at Ed Hardy turn their focus to the ever-popular motorcycle fashion marketplace, you will enjoy the comfort and quality that have become synonymous with the Ed Hardy brand.

Tattoos and motorcycles naturally go together, but you don't even have to be a rider to own and enjoy high quality Ed Hardy motorcycle gear. Don't limit yourself to one style or item of the famous Ed Hardy brand. Get your Ed Hardy motorcycle gear and turn heads with the style that says fun and fashion all at once.

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Ed Hardy Motorcycle Gear, Graphic kits and Apparel

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This article was published on 2011/04/08