Motorcycle Accident Prevention

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Unfortunately, roadway accidents happen far more often than we think. Due to little or no protection from outside elements, motorcycle accidents have a tendency to be far grimmer. Being able to ride and quickly adjust your riding for unique road conditions and situations typically comes with years of motorcycle experience. However, regardless of the amount of years of skill or experience a rider has under their belt it will never substitute one’s common sense.

To help minimize and hopefully even prevent injuries or accidents, use this helpful list of motorcycle tips to help keep you safe on the road.

Injury and Accident Prevention

1. Before ever getting on the road, it’s best to always take the time to inspect your bike. Maintenance is always an important safety factory.

2. Protective gear is a must. A helmet being the most important of protective gear, full leather garb, boots and gloves are highly recommended.

3.  Take a safety course. These courses are designed to help you prepare for situations that could occur on the open road. Plus it’s a great way to help keep your reflexes sharp.

4.  Never, ever, under any circumstances drink and ride. With less protection on a motorcycle you need all of your senses to be 100%.

5.  If you feel tired, sleepy, or drowsy in any way at all, make it a point to pull off the road as soon as you can to grab some fresh air, some caffeine or even a cat nap.

6.  Do your best to be visible or heard. Think of ways you can stand out to other drivers. Signals, horns, or other combinations have the potential to save your life.

7.  Keep an eye on your speed.  Speeding is the most common factor behind accidents and fatalities.

8.  Eye exams. Issues with your eyesight have to potential to play a huge role in a motorcycle accident. Get your eyes checked regularly since there are a number of factors that can play tricks with your eyes.

9.  Always be honest with yourself. If you know it’s time for you to give up riding, then give it up. It’s not worth pain, suffering and possibly the loss of your life.

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Motorcycle Accident Prevention

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This article was published on 2011/03/26